Falling Off

Somewhere along the way I have lost focus. The question raises, what has me losing that focus I had? I’ve had to ask myself, “What has been the overwhelming time consumer in my life the past 6 months.” and if you have talked to me at all in that period of time, you know I’m coo coo for Herbalife. It has absolutely consumed me. At times is the only thing I think about, and talk about. I can tell you that I’m absolutely passionate about Herbalife and the opportunity it has given me to help change individuals lives, but what I have come to notice with the obsession of growing my business, is that it has hindered my relationship with family.

I know God has blessed me with this company out of prayer. No doubt in my mind, but when I come and visit home, Herbalife is all that is on my mind. Trying to build family members that aren’t wired like me. instead of building them up with love and support. Mind you, my parents and one of my brothers are already members, but I find myself preaching to them about taking their products properly and telling them how simple the business is, coaching them. It has put a small wedge in my relationship with loved ones that is a burden. They don’t want to hear this stuff every time I come to visit, it’s annoying, and I know I ramble, just knowing myself!

Instead of focusing on the things of Christ, I have overwhelmed my life with the opportunity of Herbalife. Yes, I will do Herbalife for life, it has brought me so many good friends and built so many relationships, given me priceless energy and a temple that I can glorify God with, but along the way I turned into a salesman or just simply forgetting the goal in it all. I don’t want to be a salesman, I want to be a life changer, I want to show you a way to get healthy, I want to coach you along the way, I want to encourage and motivate you, and show you that when you give it all to God, that anything is possible. I AM a servant of the Most High God. I use wellness to glorify him, not a company. Have me be a vessel of love and compassion

I have come to realize that I don’t have a desire to do Herbalife full time. I am called to be a witness for Christ full time, and a fitness professional, that uses Herbalife, for his own health and as a door into other people’s lives. And when my Herbalife income becomes greater than my professional income, which it eventually will, great! now I can impact even more lives with financial freedom. All glory goes to God, for it will be used to bring YOU glory.

God first, family second, me last.



My pursuit of the King, I lay it down, all of my burdens, let grace abound, he died for me, not only me, but for you and humanity. Why do we question his sovereign choice, we can’t even comprehend our own voice, have me be a vessel, made to love, so I can show your mercy, strength, and everlasting love. I live to bring you glory, in all I do I tell your story, you are so good to me, that is why I wanna, shine like a star, know who you are, indulgence in your presence,  so I can feel your utter radiance,  I don’t thank you enough, for what you do it makes me tough, I’ll carry my cross wherever, reppin the king, Jesus Christ forever.


Don’t you wish, we could catch ppl like fish, tellin them bout the kingdom, they don’t wanna miss. But we can, have the gospel at hand, so we can show that love, he gave  like a sacrificial lamb, Bam, Why do we gotta be timid, so vivid, let us speak life to weak and the bleak,  so they know of the one whom we speak. His name is Jesus,  son of the most high, how can we fathom, his blessings in disguise, look in his eyes, flaming like a blaze, sword out his mouth,  blinding Paul for dayz. Hey, sometimes I wish, God would show me signs, so I can dismiss, all the doubt in my eyes, whys? do I put up with this joke of devil, I got the King holding his belt, throwing hands that melt the devil. Turning super saiyn, yeah only the best, can you hold me down? flames all around, you wanna test? Listen up, here we go, while I knock you with this flow, time to show, glow like a candle,  yeah I’m ready sow. I’m a light in the dark, wanting all to know, that fo sho I rocks with the King of this show, devil can’t tempt me now I’m sold out without a doubt, but wait,  yeah, you already know. Glow.


Got lust in the rear view, for the first time, clear view. Breaking off the chains that held so tight, praying to the Father for more insight. It’s a long lonely walk, but now I’m not just talk. I look around my eyes will still follow,  but then I look away cause it make me hollow.  Keep striving, never being content, cause I keep feeding this spirit, this ain’t no lent, it’s a life style, tryin to live it for the King, I’m gonna fail, but it ain’t the final ring. Next round, month two here we go, I’m not going down till I defeat this show, here we go, eyes on the prize never looking back, for if I do I’ll be like Lot’s wife, yeah stone, mess with that, heck naw, I’m putting the self man to shame, put the flesh down and cryin out his holy name. Spirit come in me make me new, so I can rep the Lord Jesus through,  ain’t stopping til I reach the climax and a win, cause I race to win.


This mystery of life, becomes something to prove, catching this strife, making me some moves, not knowing what to do, gotta keep fighting through, might not understand now, but I will soon. Keeping my eyes upon on the prize, my God my Father have me realize, that as iron shapes iron, I lead to my own demise . Yeah, have me look to the one, forsaken son, cause the battle, already won, lets activate this spirit, and have some fun. I have the power to change my life, I’m my worst enemy, yeah it bring me strife. Killing the flesh, bringing out my humility, your spirit do the rest, put away my hostility, you are the best, the only constant in my life, keep me going strong reppin nothing but the Christ!


There’s a shift in the air, it’s swift, looking to the God of heaven, with awe and bliss.
He is the King, he saved my soul, that’s why I want all to know, he’s risen from the slumber of the grave, death could not hold him he will forever remain, in my life, catch that strife, throw it back at the devil, he can’t hold me down, I’m dropping scripture to level the devil. He don’t reign, no shame, world in the rear view, proclaim the same good news to the people, forever remain bright in my life, so I can be your servant until new life.


Shes too fine, blowing minds, I look up thanking God divine. 
How he do this, make her drop jaws, when she walk through the doors, got no flaws.
I see it, gotta look away, cause this lust flushing through my mind bering me dismay.
Look once, can’t look again, cause if I do, I’m fallen into sin, but then again, this battle with temptation may alway win, unless I place my faith in the one who didnt sin.
  Jesus the name above all names that’s why you seeing me blasting out his holy fame, put to shame, all my desires of the flesh, cause when I give it to God, he knows nothing but the best, for me, yeah I’m free, sin don’t got a hold on me, I’m walking out with no blemishes can’t you see, victory.